Resolve247 can be easily implemented onto a WordPress site by simply copy/pasting your Resolve247 code snippet onto your WordPress site.

Need a hand getting going with Resolve247? We are happy to help, just let us know:

WordPress themselves recommend three ways to add JavaScript to a WordPress page (you can see the full WordPress article here) and we have simplified the steps for you below.

The three methods suggested by WordPress are:

  • Option ABest for most people: Use a JavaScript WordPress Plugin .
  • Option BMore Complex: Use WordPress Hooks and the functions.php File of Child Theme.
  • Option CVery Complex: Enqueue the JavaScript Using wp_enqueue_script.

The steps below follow Option A, as this is simplest and suitable for most situations.


The method can be summarised as follows (more details below):

  1. Install a Javascript WordPress plugin (such as “Simple Custom CSS and JS“).
  2. Get code snippet from Resolve247 dashboard.
  3. Use the JS WordPress plugin to paste the Resolve247 code snippet onto your site.

Detailed Steps:

Below are detailed step-by-step instructions for each part of the process.

Install WordPress JavaScript Plugin

Now we need to get a WordPress JavaScript Plugin installed (skip this section if you already have a WordPress JavaScript plugin installed). There are many such plugins available, we will be using “Simple Custom CSS and JS” as an example.

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, go to “Plugins” on the left hand sidebar.
  2. Click “Add New Plugin” at the top of the screen.
  3. In the “Search” box (in the top right) search for “Simple Custom CSS and JS”.
  4. Click the “Install Now” button, next to the “Simple Custom CSS and JS” name and installation will begin.
  5. After installation has completed the button will change to “Activate”, click the “Activate” button when it appears. This will then take you to the Plugins page.

Your WordPress JavaScript Plugin is now setup, ready to handle any custom JS code you might want to implement.

Get Your Code Snippet

Open a new browser tab/window as you will need to come back to the WordPress Dashboard after this step.

We are now going to get your code snippet from the Resolve247 dashboard.

  1. From your Resolve247 dashboard (here), go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Under the section “Embedding Your Chatbot” you can see your personalised code snippet. Click ‘Copy Code’ button to copy this code onto your clipboard.

Paste Your Code Snippet

Now you are ready to put your Resolve247 code snippet onto your WordPress website, using the plugin you just installed:

  1. In the sidebar on the left hand side, click “Simple Custom CSS and JS”.
  2. Then in the sidebar, click the “Add Custom HTML” (Note: even though this seems counter-intuitive, WordPress recommend using the HTML button for this use-case).
  3. Type a title such as “Resolve247 Chatbot” (this is up to you).
  4. You will see a large box in the middle of the screen with some example text (probably brown/orange colour). Replace the existing example text with the Resolve247 code snippet copied from your Resolve247 dashboard.
  5. Under “options” on the right hand side, choose “Footer” and “In Frontend”.
  6. Finally click “Publish”.

And you’re all done! Now when you go to your WordPress site you will see your Resolve247 chatbot appear, ready to provide your customers will excellent customer support!

Need a hand getting going with Resolve247? We are happy to help, just let us know: